A decentralised encrypted market place for cryptocurrencies!

Join the movement now and get involved in one of the biggest projects within the digital companies.

Current price : 0.62$(+2%)

3rd goal reached : 85%

Build on the blockchain

Partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Whitepaper Roadmap

New Age Technology

Blockchain technology is surviving the 3% world population.

Since the start of this millennium, a standard blockchain technology has gone from being no more than a simple concept to being a trade asset for more then 3% of the world population. Therefor why not buying and selling with your trade assets.

Strong platform

Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting

Platform is designed to work as a stable and self-learning development combined with a strong community which helping increasing the functionality of Silkos.

Ipad 3d

New online Marketplace

Silkos.io is developing a online marketplace where costumers can buy and sell their products in trade for digital currencies.

Since the start of the past years we can’t avoid digitalising everything we did analogue. And since last year we can’t avoid digital currencies, so that’s why we want to combine it. With our new and simple technology you can easily pay with your cryptocurrencies. It will on demand switch to fiat or stay in it’s value for the seller or buyer. That makes it easily adaptable in the online market and can profit both sides.

Focused on cryptocurrencies

To drive efficiency, development and economy we need to focus more on digital currencies

Nowadays everything is about looking for new opportunities. That’s exactly where Silkos is focussing on. How can we make it easier for buyers and sellers to maintain a business and get the products you want anonymous and pay/receive through cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Technology

Silkos is build on the blockchain technology therefor it makes it safe to make payments.

usable anywhere

Professional and easy-to-use platform to send and order worldwide


We connect buyers and suppliers with each other through the platform.

Time saver

It takes few minutes to setup a account and start buying or selling

Investment plan


Pre-sale will start the 17th of October till 27th of October.
Pre-sale bonus is 20% (starting from 1ETH, 0.1BTC, 5LTC)

Crowd sale

Crowd sale will start on the 1st of November till 26th of November.
10% bonus (Starting from 1ETH, 0.1BTC, 5LTC)

Get notified for our Pre-sale


Till the crowd-sale ends (26th of November, 00:00 UTC+1)

 20% bonus on the pre-sale (Starting from 1ETH, 0.1BTC, 5LTC)
Currencies accepted ETH, BTC, LTC

First 2 hours will get a bonus of 25%
1 BTC + will get 35% bonus
Pre-sale ends on 27th Oct. UTC+1


ICO crowd sale bonus of 10% (Starting from 1ETH, 0.1BTC, 5LTC)

First 2 hours 15%
1 BTC or higher 20%
Crowd sale starts on 1st of Nov. UTC+1 till 26th of Nov. UTC+1


(BTC, LTC is calculated as similar amount)
Total market cap : 30.000.000SLK

Contract address :


  •  Send ETH from supported wallets (Mist, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano S, Trezor)
  •  Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc
  •  Set Gas Limit to 200,000
  • For payments with BTC or LTC click “Participate” above in the menu
  • You will receive shortly your SLK tokens in your wallet


Nowadays 3% of the world population is owning some kind of digital currency and it keeps on rising. Therefor why don’t create a marketplace where people can spend their digital coins for products.

Currencies accepted (BTC, ETH, LTC)
NOTE: Bonus will only be received if amount (higher) > 1ETH / 0.1BTC / 5LTC.

Pre-sale :
First 2 hours 25% bonus, after 20%.

Crowd sale :
First 2 hours 15% bonus, after 10%.

In the present it is hard to spend your digital coins on goods or services. We want to create a solution for the seller and buyer to buy/sell in a legal way (tax-payments) through digital currencies.

SLK tokens will be the main tokens to buy/sell products with next to ETH and BTC.

Silkos.io aims to raise a minimum of 1.2 million for well developed quality and expansion of the platform.

To take part in the pre and/or crowd sale go to “Participate” in the menu and choose your way how to participate (ETH, BTC, LTC). When the amount is received it will send the tokens to your ETH address and you will receive it shortly.

The total market cap is 30.000.000 SLK.
We will distribute 5.000.000 in the pre-sale and 25.000.000 in the crowd sale.


How to participate

Click “Participate” above in the menu

Select your payment method

Fill out the form. Correct information is important in order for us to have you whitelisted.

Check all the boxes (but make sure you know what you are agreeing to!)

Send the exact amount through the wallet address or QR code

You wil receive your SLK tokens in your Ethereum wallet